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About Raleigh Precision Pressure Wash, Inc. (PPW)

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From the very beginning, Precision Pressure Wash, Inc. (PPW) has conducted business using a single, simple premise: to provide excellence in customer service and offer superior value to our customers in the Raleigh Durham area. We do whatever it takes to deliver unparalleled results and ensure complete, total customer satisfaction. This "no excuses" operating philosophy has served PPW well in the Triangle area, enabling us to compile a ten-year track record of success marked by continuous growth, repeat business, and ambitious plans for the future.

Today, our company completes more than 3000 jobs annually for residential clients. With multiple full-time crews on staff, as well as a team of trained contract resources, PPW has become the triangle’s #1 choice for its pressure washing needs. We have helped our customers improve appearance and perceptions at their properties while helping to maintain exterior surfaces.

In many respects, PPW is perfectly balanced to address a variety of pressure washing needs and satisfy any customer's expectations and requirements. Our company thoroughly handles each job and every account, meticulously monitoring job performance on every site and dedicating all resources necessary to do the job right. More importantly, we're knowledgeable and efficient enough to deliver superior value to all customers, large and small.

Regardless of scale or scope, every client’s job receives the same professional results and utmost attention to detail that serve as hallmarks of PPW's pressure washing services. Most clients take advantage of our top quality cleaning and restoration services covering these broad categories:

• Homes and other exterior building surfaces
• Windows and awnings
• Driveways, porches, patios and walkways
• Entryways, breezeways, decks and common areas
• Deck sealing and staining
• Roof and gutter cleaning
• Painting

It’s easy for people to recognize the compelling benefits associated with pressure washing. Simply put, it remains the most cost-effective method of restoring and maintaining a property over time. Property owners especially understand the double dividend and return-on-investment that pressure washing delivers: not only do they receive the immediate payoff of having a clean, well-kept appearance, properties also gain long-term advantages from maintaining building surfaces and materials in an optimum condition to prolong their useful life.

While property owners are becoming increasingly aware of the contribution clean buildings and grounds make on improving customer perceptions, they are savvy enough to recognize that not all pressure-washing operations are alike. Whether it's due to a lack of experience, training, product knowledge, or commitment, the unfortunate truth is too many pressure-cleaning companies do a disservice to the industry and their clients by not delivering the results customers expect and deserve. Fortunately, that's where PPW easily outshines its competition.

Our uncompromising focus on customer satisfaction and professional service begins with PPW's founder and owner, Chris Robertson. Leveraging more than 10 years of experience in the pressure washing business, Robertson instinctively knows how to deliver superior performance in a service-based company. This operational difference is a necessity among residential and commercial clientele since the measurement bar is raised to a higher level of expectation. Property owners simply won't tolerate poor quality, inadequate results, or recurring problems from any company.

Accordingly, PPW brings several critical elements to the mix that make our pressure washing services worthy of being called "professional grade." These differentiators help guarantee complete customer satisfaction and warrant winning repeat business time and again.

Knowledge:  We make certain PPW workers are thoroughly trained in equipment operation and the proper handling and application of all solvents and cleaners. As well, our people understand how these tools and chemicals affect your building and the surrounding premises so the job will be done correctly and efficiently.

Experience:  PPW people know what they’re doing; they’re not learning the job on your time. They’ve worked hundreds of assignments … many involving properties similar to yours … to gain the valuable know-how that gets applied to your situation and job site.

Performance:  Our track record and growth rates speak for themselves. Knowledgeable workers combined with solid experience enable PPW to deliver the efficient results you expect … on time, on budget.

Value:  PPW offers very competitive pricing for individual services, multi-service jobs, and long-term contracts. You can find cheaper suppliers; you won’t find better in terms of delivering the right price / performance combination for your business.

No Excuses:  We complete all tasks to your complete satisfaction; PPW guarantees perfect results and exceptional value.

For the future, PPW will continue to focus on what we do best: delivering professional pressure washing services that ensure top quality results, unparalleled customer satisfaction, and repeat business from enthusiastic clients. As we grow our business, we will manage to maintain that perfect balance between being small enough to keep close track of each account and the endless details necessary to do the job right, and big enough to handle any customer’s expectations and requirements. 

Uncompromising commitment combined with superior results … that is what PPW is all about. That is what we do best.




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